Museum visits shikokumura japan

Museum Shikokumura japan, an open-air folk house museum at the foot of Mount Yashima, really captures the atmosphere of life in rural Japan. It is, at least in my humble opinion, the most tasteful historical museum of its kind in Japan.
It also provides a great picturesque setting for a fun hike on the hillside.

Sometimes though, I just come for tea or coffee at Tea Room Ijinkan.

Located just outside the museum at the end of the parking lot, you can access the tea room without paying the museum entrance fee. If you do go to the museum,  Car insurance covegare visitors are often given a 100-yen discount ticket for tea or coffee when they pay the entrance fee, which makes it tempting to stop in at the end of your tour.
The building, one of the few in the museum that was brought here from outside Shikoku Island, was built over 100 years ago as the residence of a foreigner in Kobe. Like many Japanese buildings of that era, it took the European style of architecture, which was traditionally built in stone, and reproduced it in wood.

The furniture was all procured from England and is from the same time period, recreating the atmosphere of a Victorian English tea room.